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03.25.24 AI Is The New Green: The SEC’s First-Ever Enforcement Actions Targeting AI Washing
03.14.24 Proposed Regulations for U.S. IaaS Providers: Enhancing Cybersecurity for Cloud Services and AI Training
02.22.24 USPTO Guidance on AI-Assisted Inventions: You've Got Patentability Questions, We've Got Answers
11.09.23 Decoding The Biden Administration’s Sweeping Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence
10.12.23 Building Data Bridges and Bridging Legal Gaps: A New Era of Data Transfer Across the UK-US Data Bridge
10.04.23 Cracking Down on Greenwashing in ESG-Labeled Funds: Updates to the SEC’s “Names Rule”
09.28.23 Toke of the Town: SEC Lights Up Stoner Cats NFTs
09.25.23 When Is Advertising Services As “Free” False and Deceptive? Why Honesty Alone Is Not Enough
09.19.23 Hypothetical Performance Advertising Just Got Real: SEC Charges Nine Registered Investment Advisers for Marketing Rule Violations
09.14.23 The SEC’s First-Ever Non-Fungible Cryptocurrency Token (NFT) Enforcement Action: Implications for Issuers of Token Offerings
09.11.23 Mind the Machine: Navigating Copyright Challenges in the Art-ificial Intelligence World
11.05.15 GPLv2's Day in Court: Lessons for FOSS License Compliance
09.28.15 Dancing Baby Takes on Prince and Wins: Don’t Go Crazy With DMCA Copyright Infringement Takedown Notices
08.25.15 Seventh Circuit Gives “Legs” to Consumer Data Breach Class Action Suits: Increased Risk of Future Identity Theft Sufficient to Confer Article III Standing
08.05.15 Cybersecurity Threats from Within: How the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Can Be Used to Combat Employee Theft of Trade Secrets
07.31.15 Can Claims for Software Copyright Infringement and Trade Secret Theft Co-Exist? Don’t Bank On It!
07.16.15 EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Guide
04.13.15 L-1 Visa Guide - How to Transfer Your Key Employees to the U.S.
04.13.15 E-1 & E-2 Visa Guide - Acquiring Treaty Trader Treaty and Treaty Investor Status
04.09.15 Your Brand: Use It or Lose It (Registration of Service Mark Requires Actual Use)
07.14.14 Are Software Patents Dead? Nearly, According to “Alice”
02.09.14 Supreme Court Limits Scope for Suing Foreign Companies in the U.S.
02.03.14 Final FFIEC Guidance Highlights Importance Of Social Media Management For Financial Institutions
01.27.14 Pharmaceutical Promotion and Social Media: FDA Issues A Trial Prescription
01.13.14 FTC Approves Knowledge-Based Authentication As COPPA-Compliant Method of Verifying Parental Consent
11.18.13 Trade Secrets Protection in the Digital Age: What Every Business and Entrepreneur Needs to Know
11.06.13 SEC Adopts Proposed Crowdfunding Rules to Permit Online Sales of Securities: Releasing the Kraken or Unleashing the Wisdom of the Crowd?
10.15.13 FDA Releases Final Guidance On Mobile Medical Apps
10.05.13 The Online Eraser Law: A New Standard In Digital Privacy
09.12.13 FCRA’s Dark Little Secret: Pre-Employment Background Checks May Give Rise to Liability
09.08.13 Don’t Let Your Online “Terms of Use” Get Zapped! How To Ensure Your Web Site’s Terms Are Enforceable
08.27.13 Tick Tock, Strikes the HIPAA-HITECH Clock: Time Is Running Out To Update Your Business Associate Agreements
07.17.13 SEC Lifts Ban On General Solicitation Giving Start-Ups Increased Access To Capital Investment
07.14.13 Free and Open Source Software Is Not A “Free For All”: German Court Enforces GPL License Terms
03.19.13 U.S. Supreme Court Opinion May Hobble Data Breach Class Action Suits: Possibility of Harm Is Not Enough to Confer Article III Standing
05.16.12 Social Media in Litigation and E-Discovery: Risks and Rewards
05.30.12 Social Media Promotion Law: Contests and Sweepstakes
02.01.11 Form I-129: Understanding the ITAR/EAR Export Control Regulations Regarding the Release of Controlled Technology or Technical Data
05.11.10 Cloud Security and Privacy: A Legal Compliance and Risk-Management Guide
10.10.09 A Practical Legal Guide to iPhone Application Development
08.20.09 Data Security & Identity Theft: New Privacy Regulations That Affect Your Business
08.01.09 Developments in Sheehan's "Mode of Operation" Rule: What Storekeepers and Their Insurers Can Do To Minimize Liability
07.08.09 Corporate Employers: Are You Prepared for I-9 (Employment Eligibility
Verification) Audit?

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